zachc, I fully agree with you, the punishment will NOT fit the crime they did, and odds are they might NOT even see ANY jail time, beside being held for the court case IF it even gets to court
SO many things are lower to SPEED things up for workers, that the criminals are the REAL people benefiting

the system we have now is degrading to the oint IMO< its NOT deterring anyone but the honest people from doing crimes
and these Honest people, are NOT the problem in the USA .
its a slippery slope, But I think some crimes(like this one), the e should be some way a judge can add extra punishments to certain crimes, based on what the FACTS are

SO many folks want to say punishment fear doesn't stop crime, BUT I still say BULL crap to that
FEAR is one of IF NOT the strongest emotion we all have, will make you do amazing things, both GOOD and BAD
it plain out motivates! not nothing else

SO< when the punishments don't cause enough folks to fear them, they have NO real reason NOT to cross certain lines

humans when left to decide on there own, tend to fail more times than NOT
Sad but true
its WHY we have laws!