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Thread: site renewal

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    Wolfe congrats on the little one!! That is great news.
    I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me. ~ Ted Nugent

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    Congrats Wolfe and they take a lot of time but you won't be saying that when they get older you will wonder where the time went

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    I have been looking for this site I was a member before .

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    congrats Wolfe on the new addition to the family
    as for what to buy for the property, if you wanted my siuggestion, I suggest a honda Foreman ATv, in a manual shift, there work horse's, no belts to wear out,(yes folks will debate this till the world ends)
    there geared lower than most all other atv's, so thats why they work so well for work!

    the advantage of an ATV as you know is cost, BUT you can get in smaller places they have more HP per LB than many side by sides
    and you can just get a trailer to tow behind the atv when you need to haul things
    way too many ATV's today are made for folks that want sporty atv;s even the big cc'd one's
    they actually IMO don't work as well, as they were designed more for trail riding at a brisk rate, and need that extra air to cool them
    the 700-800's we have at hunting camp will pover heat doing same jobs as our smaller one's in less time!
    YES they have the hp , but they don't work well when driven slow for a long time, thus poor working atv's in my eye's

    IF you wanted something better than an ATV, get a small tractor, before buying a SXS(side by side) for work
    NOW if you want a sxs to take the kids and family trail riding, thats another story, BUT for workimg on a property, an atv or a tractor is money better spent
    MY older 400 honda foreman, has maintained a drive way that is about a 1/2 mile long for 15+ yrs now plowing snow, never been a problem, and I get a LOT of snow
    actually got 8 inches today,
    I have build many many foods pl;ots with it up to 3 acres in size(LOTS of hrs needed and don't recommend doing this big a plot on an atv LOL)
    and its maintained 16 acres of food plots for 15+ yrs too, spread 80 tons of gravel with it last summer alone too!
    foremans in manual shift are hard to be for a work atv seen many models come and go at hunting camp and what friends have had
    and none have ever out worked a honda foreman! and we went thru many many atv;s over the past 25+ yrs
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