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Thread: first real look today

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    first real look today

    OK so weather wass nice today, sunny, and a lot fo snow has been melting, walked about for about 4+ hrs, on a ton of heavy used trails and bedding area's
    didn't find a shed, think snow is too deep yet and or just sheds are on the bottom, BUT did find a buck skull, some obe cut the rack off. and was about a mile or mroe from teh nearest road when I found it, not this yrs, but maybe last or the yr before as was pretty old looking!
    always makes me wonder who would go that far from the road, shoot a buck and then just take the antlers?? what a waste!
    Oh well, need mroe snow top melt, still 2+ ft in most places, and a few drifts I sank in today were up to my waste, and they suck when you cave in not expecting to, twisted the left knee petty good today, so need some rest now ,LOl

    anyone else been out looking??

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    Soon...........slowly but surely.....soon!
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    Haven't found a shed yet

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