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Exotic Deer Species

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Thread: Exotic Deer Species

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    Exotic Deer Species

    When it comes to operating a ranch, your deer herd can often be comprised of a variety of different types of species. Whether you have recently spotted what appears to be a new species of deer or you are interested in introducing some exotics into your herd, it can be helpful to know about the various species of deer.

    Whitetail deer are among the most well known species of deer in the United States. This is because this species is native to North America. A medium-sized deer, whitetail males typically weigh between 130 and 300 pounds, while females often weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. The coat of a whitetail deer will often change somewhat from a brown during the summer months to more of a grey-brown during the winter. The prominent white underside to this species' tail gives this deer its name, whitetail.

    While most people do not think about moose as being deer, they are actually the largest of all deer species. Generally found in cool climates, moose can weigh in at nearly 2,000 pounds. Featuring a flap of loose skin that hangs down under the throats, known as a bell, and a long face, moose are primarily known for their massive size.

    Mule deer can be found throughout the United States. This species of deer takes its name from its ears. Large ears, a forked tail, and black-tipped tail also help to differentiate a mule deer from other species of deer.

    Caribou are usually more frequently referred to as reindeer. These beloved creatures typically inhabit the Arctic regions. Unlike other species of deer, both male and female caribou grow antlers. The two thick layers of fur sported by these deer help to keep them warm during the frigid weather in their native area. During their annual migration period, caribou can travel distances of up to 3,000 miles.

    If you have never heard of a barking deer, then you have probably never visited Southeast Asia. The Indian Muntiac is somewhat different from other species of deer in that rather than traveling in groups, they tend to roam alone. When they sense danger, they emit a deep bark, thus the name.

    Sika deer take their name from a Japanese word, "shika," that means deer. These deer are also sometimes referred to as spotted deer. Native to Eastern Asia, this species is prized for their velvet antlers.

    Fallow deer have become more well known to the United States, although they are native to Europe. Like whitetail, fallow deer have coats that change colors based on the seasons. These deer are particularly adept at jumping and have even been known to jump as high as two feet and as wide as five feet.

    Chital deer are native to India. Known for their lyre-shaped antlers, this species travels in herds and has become prized for its venison. As a result, chital are now frequently found among exotics for sale in the United States.
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    Hate to tell you, but your above info is NOT 100 % correct not sure where you got it, but its not correst

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