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Boat motor work?

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Thread: Boat motor work?

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    Boat motor work?

    I have a 1960's? 10 HP Johnson boat motor that I need to get tuned up. I haven't had the boat on the water in a few years so the motor hasn't been started in that long either. Just wondering if anyone knows someone who works in boat motors for cheap? I not looking to spend much if any money on it cuz im looking to teade it.In/around Blanchester/Milford area.
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    if it was me, I would drain gas tank, or remove and clean and try new clean gas, add some seafoam to it as well maybe.
    a new spark plug.
    and just see if that gets it up and running.
    IF not, pull the carb off, and do a rebuild/cleaning to it.
    and you should be fine.alot of the older motors are pretty simple, also clean or replace the air filter too.

    none of the above is very hard to do, just takes a little time, so, you might try doing so yourself and save a bunch on paying someone else to do so?

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