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Thread: Gun season numbers.

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    I too noticed fewer deer this yr. It seems years of liberal doe harvests, coyote predation etc have taken its toll. Public lands are all but devoid of deer. Special regs for these areas are a must b/c it's driving hunters and hunters $ away.

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    i'm not sure you guys will agree but, the doe numbers started dropping by my land FORSURE last year but, the buck numbers are still good....this seemed to lead to alot of rubs and BIG scrapes this year!!! but only 10,000 down from last year, thought it would be higher, heard of alot of tag sandwich's this year.....just like in michigan, i would say CUT WAY BACK ON DOE TAGS....WAY BACK..

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    like I always have said, any time there is a deer loss, more often than NOT its due to lack of food all yr, any place I have seen that had good food all yr for deer, had lots of deer
    far too many folks don't honestly know what GOOD food is, and what it means to have it yr round
    as time goes by, the land changes and so does it food and attraction to deer
    far too many times I hear folks say they had dee for yrs, and now don't
    YET they haven't done a thing to there lands to make deer want to be there all yr, or have what they REALLY need to be there all yr
    far too many game depts, for yrs and yrs counted on the forest just providing for wildlife, and let things get past there prime and usefullness to deer and other things
    they kinda counted on the land regenerating itself, or public lands doing a lot of land care.

    the hay days of whitetails in most states has long passed, and its due to deer numbers that grew and grew and grew, and no one did anything to support the numbers
    now hunters complain about us killing too many, yet its HUNTERS that are doing the killing??
    back to my opening statement, where there is good food, there is good deer numbers
    its rather simple really
    yet so few want to hear it!

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