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You snuck up on a deer and touched it? Why even hunt with a bow then? I can't imagine any kind of rush that would compare with sneaking up on a buck with a knife!

I started out hunting for the food. My father in-law kept telling me I wouldn't save any money... but I promise I can't get steaks like I do from my deer at the grocery store, let alone afford them if I could! Each year when we run out of venison, it's a very sad day when my wife puts the ground beef or "fajita steak" on the table... there is NO comparison.

Now as my first cries every time I go hunting without him, it is transitioning. I don't know what it will become, but it sure made me proud when my oldest insisted that we put this picture of us that my mom framed for me in his room...

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Yeah I have several times over the yrs, more way back when I was a kid, but a few yrs ago was the last time
I have also hand caugh ruffed grouse too, and pheasants, cannot tell you how many times I have had birds and tree rats walk on me while out hunting too!

and I have been known to crawl into a few bear dens over the yrs with bears in them and touched the bears too!
I was a rather crazy guy most of my life, and had a huge interest in bears and all wildlife
I took many things to the extremes
and to be honest, I doubt many folks would even believe many things I did
I know on the bear dens, most of my friends didn't even believe me till I took them there and had them see me do it! LOL
I am NOT some great hunter or woodsman guy
I just tried really hard and took a lot of time to learn what ever I could
and was lucky to live where there was a lot of wildlife, and freedom to let myself learn , mostly by trial and error, but I spent more hrs in the woods than anyone else I know to date!
like most things when you put the effort and have the chances, you get to do a lot of things many folks don't!