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Why I Hunt

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    Why I Hunt

    I hear all the time people ask why do you hunt. Most hunters say it is not the killing of a deer but, it is a part of it. after a morning in the woods on Tues. finding a 4pt. buck hit by my grandson on Mon. night I am able to say why I hunt. My grandson 10yrs. old a mentor hunter hit a 4pt. with a crossbow with his other grandfather with him Mon. night in his tree house. they found the arrow a little blood then nothing Mon. night. my son called me Tues. morning early and said his grandfather who was with him when he shot it and my son were going to look for it. I said I would pick up my older brother and meet them in the deer woods. we went to the last blood and couldn't find any more to track. we then did a grid search nothing. I decided to walk on the top of a gully where a small creek ran because deer when wounded get a fever and need to drink a lot. I found my sons buck yrs. ago laying near a creek when we couldn't find it . I went about 200 yds. along the gully and finally there laying in the creek was the 4pt. buck. my son went back home to get his son and his tag. he went to the school and told them his son had a dentist appt. and brought him out to the deer. here is a pic of my grandson holding the 4pt. buck his 1st and me on the left, his grandfather who found it and, his grandfather on the right who was there when he shot it. the smile on my grandson's face tells the whole story. that is why I hunt. It is the being out in the woods with family and friends and the taking of a deer is just icing on the cake.
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