Hunted yesterday morning (Sunday 11/2/14) at my stand in a thick funnel near a freshly cut bean field. Seen a few does and a smaller buck chasing them around. Few hours later I seen a small buck with its nose to the ground out in the field. Went home and watched some football and got back out around 3pm. Grunted a small 8 point in and then about an hour later around 5pm had a smaller doe come into the bait pile. 10 yard shot, double lung. She ran maybe 30 yards. Arrow must have got lodged in her opposite shoulder. This is my first bow kill ever. I hunted years ago when I first got my bow and was young and in-experienced and made a few bad shots. Then I lost my spot to hunt. 4 years later I am lucky enough to end the drought.

Now I am just ready for the big boy to step within range. I linked a few of the photos of my spot and the deer. Also uploaded a picture of the little 8 pointer I called in to my bait pile.
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Thanks for reading :)