So for the first time, Sunday morning I saw a Coyote while in stand. I hunt a ridge ( facing up ward) and at about 8:15 a doe and two yearlings traversed the ridge from right to left at about 80yds. It's a common path - and I count on some coming down the ridge and wait in the funnel. 15 mins or so after I saw Momma and company, I saw something moving fast. Yote. He was actually going left to right, but on the exact same line as the deer that just went through. Not sure if it was coincidence or not. He was not in a sprint - but in a fast trot. I tried to stop him and draw him in with a doe bleat ( primos can) but he either didn't hear it or didn't care.

So here is my question. If you see a Yote - is your hunt over? Do the deer detect ( smell ) when a predator has been in the area and avoid it? I stayed in stand for another hour or two and shut it down. Anybody have any experience with this - right to walk or would you have stayed?