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    New to site

    Whats up guys. I'm getting ready to relocate to Ohio after serving 11+ years in the Marine Corps. Just want to pick the brains of some seasoned hunters. Thanks.

    Username: NewbieVet1982
    County: Pickaway
    Years Bowhunting: 3
    Public or Private Land: Both
    Own Land (Y/N): N
    Type of bow: Bowtech Carbon Knight
    Other Bow Accessories: Octane Drop Away rest, Spot Hogg Hunter Sight, Trophy Ridge 6" stabilizer.
    3D Shooter (Y/N): N
    If yes, name of club:
    Gunhunter (Y/N):Y
    Predator Hunter (Y/N):N
    Turkey Hunter (Y/N):Y
    How You Found
    Other Information You Wish To Share: Still just getting into bow hunting, absolutely love being up a tree with a bow.
    Any Information You Need: Need help with hunting techniques, if being up a tree is a good time and can't even imagine what it'd be like to see movement once in awhile!

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    well thanks for your service
    and welcome to the site
    best of luck to you too!

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    Glad to have you back to the buckeye state. I am a Marine vet too and live in Loveland OH. I have been bowhunting for close to 30 years and would be glad to help you out in anyway possible.

    I am also a volunteer board member for a organization call Hunters Helping Heroes, our charter is connecting Vets with outdoorsman who want to share their gratitude for your service but offering free guided trips. Check out

    On the personal side I run a automotive inspection company called SGS ASI. We hire 150 people a year in all 50 states and target Vets as they tend to perform better plus myself, and 1/2 my exec team, are vets. Ping me at if you, or anyone you know, is looking for work

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    Pickaway Co, OH
    Thanks Trperk. Semper Fi.

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