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Thread: critters on the move

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    critters on the move

    OK so, not sure if anyone else had a lot of action today
    but here NO hunting on Sundays
    this morning I woke up, deer all over the yard eating apples off my tree's
    later on I had a big flock of turkeys
    at dusk, I had mroe deer, a gray fox, and then a possium, and 5 racoons
    and then at about 8;30, I heard a bunch of noise and had 5 different bears in the yard, one BIG one, that kept the rest at bay from the tree with the most left
    at few times, he would move towards them and they woul;d all run up a tree
    I was almost worried the one tree was going to tip over, had 3 , 300+ lb bera up it, a few at the tippy top too!, was a leaning over and swaying like mad! LOL
    but WOW sure seemed like critters were on the move today up here!

    This bear was the biggest and he came the closest to me, guess a bunchg of apples were under my trailer and he was thinking about how to get to them, as he wouldn't fit , too big!
    he is maybe about 400 lbs or a hair over!
    Nice big bear!

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    With all those animals you have up there mrbb I think you should change your screen name to That's awesome. I'm still not sure how I would feel about bears on my back porch, although I would like to hunt them. Never a dull moment huh? As far as the no hunting on Sundays, that's a bummer. That's never really made sense to me, you should be able to hunt whenever you want (day wise). But anyways cool pics. Any big bucks in those deer groups?
    I live life at full draw....

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    Bears don't really bother anyone up here, trouble bears tend to be bears that are sick, injured, or starving way too much foods about in most places in Pa,
    forthere to be much problems here bears anymore are like rural deer, they adapted to humans ratherwell and avoid us as much as possible, but easy food like apples/food plots and crops will always pull them, and cause them to tolerate humans more if it means easy food.
    as for bucks, no its been an odd yr in my back yard, 90% of deer this yr have all been just doe
    Odd as most yrs I get a lot of bucks, most very small, but at least a few

    have a doe right now with an arrow stuck thru it, high shoulder entry on rt side/ high exit on left, with the broad head just sticking out
    arrow is broke off flush on the rt side
    she seems to be doing fine, but will keep tabs on her and see?
    didn't buy a lic this yr, and doe tags are on a lottery, and sold out, so?
    might have to get a buddy come and finish the job, if she seems to go down hill?

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