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Thread: Warmer Temperatures

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    I also posted this in the sighting thread. About 8:00 this morning I tried making a difficult shot on a beast of a 10 point. I made these shot's in the past but this one was no dice. The buck barely even spooked. I almost was able to get a second shot. I rattled and grunted him in. In hindsight I probably should have waited for a better shot but you just don't know. I thought he might have been leaving since he didn't see any other bucks. I did get down and look for my arrow and blood just in case but found neither. Gonna sit a little longer then be back out in the evening. After I got back up in my stand I looked around thinking maybe I could spot my arrow. The sun was shining bright and I saw a glint of light. I thought that looks like the nock of my arrow. Sure enough it was. The shot I tried making on that buck was between 6 trees. I have made these shots before and I felt confident I had enough room here. The buck was quartering away, looking away from me, vitals exposed, and I had plenty of time to concentrate and make a good shot. Problem was I didn't clear the first tree. The arrow was stuck about a 1/2 inch in on the right side of the tree. If I only slightly moved right he would have been a dead deer. Good thing is he didn't spook at all. This buck was a solid 150"-160" inch rack. It was the first I have seen him. No pics of him either.
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    Keep in mind the amount of acorns in the woods the deer don't have to travel far to find food that will keep them busy for a while.
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    Deer hunting has sucked. The numbers are way down. Tons of acorns. Warm weather. Hard to kill deer with that combination

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    Gonna get colder this week they say

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