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VS1 or Code blue

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Thread: VS1 or Code blue

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    VS1 or Code blue

    Which have you guys used and success. Code Blues new platinum standing estrous may be worth a look! IDK kinda hard to drop a $50 on deer piss!


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    50 bucks?!IMO,that's like pissing your money away! I quit using all that stuff years ago, just hunt the does for a chance at a buck! Good luck.
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    Although I'm a fan of code blue...not paying $50 for some pee, and prolly a small bottle too. O would shop around to try to find some local pee or shop the internet. I lucked out and got the hook up from a guy at work who's a whitetail genius/freak. Got a 16 oz bottle of the fresh real stuff for $35.
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    Do you really believe the people who bottle Code Blue have enough live deer yet alone doe that are standing in estrous meaning at the peak of their cycle to bottle enough lure for millions of hunters to use. I am not saying some maybe deer lure but. only platinum standing estrous in a bottle. If you must use deer lure by the average priced stuff and save a little money. or you could just make sure you are hunting does not bucks when the pre-rut or rut comes in.

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    Never tried blue. I am trying Vs1 this year after reading lots of reviews. We'll see...

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    Hear of a lot of good reviews on the VS1. Never convinced myself to spend the extra $$ though.
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