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Thread: computer question?

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    computer question?

    OK who on this sitre is very smart with computers?
    I am NOT
    I just know ebnough to do simple things
    reason I am asking is, a friend of mine sent me a video
    as I convined them to buy a trail camera, and they did
    there out in UT
    and first viideo they got is of two mule deer bucks fighting on it?
    just thought if someone was smarter than me and wanted to post the vid, I can E mail it to them to post it?
    NO monster bucks, 2.5 yr olds would be my guess!
    but just thought it would be enjoyed by some folks here?
    as not many folks here I gather get to see mule deer often!
    so, if anyone wants to try posting the vid
    PM me an email I can send it to!
    if not??

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    Would love to see the video but not sure how to post it on this site. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone post a video on here come to think about it. Might want to pm mike.
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    I would think the easiest way is to upload the video to YouTube and link it.

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    thanks, but I don't do anything with you tube, never have and no plans to start now
    I am not that big of a computer/tech person,
    so , I guess just don't worry about it folks
    no big deal
    thanks for the info

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    YouTube or Vimeo are the places to upload it so it can be shared.
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