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Target Practice!!!!!

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Thread: Target Practice!!!!!

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    Target Practice!!!!!

    I would say I am dead on!!!!!
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    I would say you were dead on.

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    I'll second that

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    nice shot!

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    I hit a squirrel just like that once. I was sitting there all proud as a puffed turkey with my precision stick throwing skills for at least 20 minutes after the shot. then the squirrel got up. He grabbed my carbon arrow and started wiggling it out of the ground. All I had was broad heads left and I didn't want to ruin them. I figured he wouldn't last long.

    He got the arrow loose and then dropped to the ground ded.

    5 minutes later he gets up again. Picks the arrow up while it's still sticking through him and drags himself 30 yards and stops. Rests for a few and again pulls himself very melodramatically 50yds or so further.

    At this point I'm feeling like I may loose the money I spent on that nice arrow. So decide to climb down try retrieve my arrow and scrap the deer hunting.

    By the time I got my gear packed and my climber off the tree the squirrel was long gone. Never found the squirrel and never did find my arrow.

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