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Getting rid of coyotes

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Thread: Getting rid of coyotes

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    Getting rid of coyotes

    So I finally got deer coming back onto my property slowly but surely. But I checked my cameras today and I have a couple pics of coyotes and a video of one walking through my spring plot. So this is another possible reason the deer have been acting funny around here, I have had my cameras out since the end of last winter and have only got about 4-5 pics of coyotes. Now all of a sudden they start showing up, and messing my deer hunting, Lol. My question is what is a good way to get rid of these yotes without scaring off the deer? I have a couple leg traps but don't want to put out bait and scare the deer off. Not real hip to snaring them but if it works would be willing to try, and I know the obvious way is to hunt them but until the farmer gets his beans out in front of the house only real place to hunt is in my plots or grass that's waist/chest high. Any suggestions...
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    If you have a climber tree stand
    and have a woodlot
    in the afternoon, you can try calling them in, and shooting them
    small caliber say a 22 mag, and a head shot will do the job out to a m100 yrds , more than most places you can see from up a tree
    I say protable
    as this was you can get away from any normal deer stands sets
    or take a full day of deer hunting off and hunt them all day
    a good electronic calller and a decoy will work /up your odds
    but deer tend to live about them fairly well
    seen them eat and hang out in the same food plot many many times up my way
    I only hunt them now when there are contests for them and money on there heads

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