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Thread: not new but just rear riving

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    well what the poopie!?!?! we need to get back on a campout kick again. they were a blast.
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    I had fun at the one's I went to, and thought all that were there did too, it was the off season and I guess one folks NOT getting along or?? so they left to another forum and some still check in, but most have gone and well, been gone

    this site is mostly dead 90% of the yr now
    I check in , as I have too much time on my hand some days LOL

    but its NO where near the site it once was , when we had the camp out's
    sad but what it is!

    many people tried to get more action here too, but just never worked out for??? reasons
    I know many many treads here don't even get a single reply anymore?
    LOTS of views, but NO one ever adds anything
    its like a bunch of peeping toms come on more ,
    than people willing to add to the site LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossbergbryson View Post
    I'd love for this site to get to the point where we can do stuff like camp outs and get to know each other on a personal level and be good friends.
    it was that way for yrs and yrs
    then fell apart
    and never been the same since!
    I too agree with you
    its a good site, good members and a no reason why not I can see/

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