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Moon Phase

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Thread: Moon Phase

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    Moon Phase

    With the full moon which times do you think will be the best to be out over the next few days?

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    Well, since I have several apple trees in my yard
    and I seldom sleep
    I have been seeing the most deer at about 3 am, here, and bears been coming about 8 pm till about 11
    every day/nite the past few days
    most deer in the day time have been about 2 pm too
    but with temps at night now in the 30's here
    still seems they like dark for feeding here more than day time, , even mornings and evenings have been slow
    almost full moon now!

    me I say best time to hunt, is when YOU have the time

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    The full moon hasn't really hurt the movement here. The rain and clouds has kept everything normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbb View Post

    me I say best time to hunt, is when YOU have the time
    I have always taken this approach mrbb. If I have time to hunt I love to hunt. Lately time has been scarce. I cant wait to get out.
    I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me. ~ Ted Nugent

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