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Thread: Hunting in the wind?

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    I guess we all can go back and forth on when to hunt in the wind, where to hunt in the wind, and should I hunt in the wind. someone even stated am I wasting my time hunting in the wind. the answer to that one is simple you are only wasting your time sitting on the couch. I have never killed a deer there except on a video game or in my dreams falling asleep. I just never had any luck in a strong swirling wind even if deer are out they get spooky on every little noise. A small branch may fall and they move quicker or change their direction. yes you should try and play the wind when ever possible but like on Sun. when a 6PT. came into my stand and to my mock scrape in front of me. then walked right past my stand and behind me but never smelled me. one reason I had sprayed myself with my home made scent killer. some one said they never see deer on a clear cold morning I say give me it to me like that every time. I guess what I am trying to say is everyone has a theory on how to play the wind but we all know deer will do a number on you when you least expect it wind or no wind. if they didn't we all would just use scent killer check the wind, do the play the wind game and, climb into our best wind stand and kill the buck we are after. that is why I like the pre-rut and rut period it some what takes the wind portion out of it. if you are as scent free as can be bucks have one thing on their mind. during that time I am in a tree wind or no wind.

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    JMHO if the wind was unbearable where you were then the deer felt the same. Next time try hunting deeper into the woods or sheltered areas when the forecast shows strong winds like that.
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    Well I think I've counted at least two votes for "If you don't like it, the deer probably don't either" or "If it's too windy, move to a more sheltered location"... which helps me to rule out where I was when it was blowing so hard! If I have to choose between a farm that is mostly wide open soybeans and a little corn vs. the big woods... it's not such a hard decision anymore!

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    I have been out during hard winds and nearly walked right up to deer I shot one a few years back with a shotgun at 6 feet I think during hard winds deer stay bedded for the most part

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