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got one of my big boys.

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Thread: got one of my big boys.

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    thank you mankey. are you in montgomery county? I love hunting here. look at whats come out of warren,preble,greene and clark counties. the 4 that surround us. world record, state record ect. yet mysteriously nothing comes out of montgomery county ..... its just its mostly city, and the little country land is hard to find a place to hunt. I have 100 acres here at the house and you couldnt get me to go hunt anywhere else.I may not see as many as when im in vinton county, but the quality of bucks is nicer. If it were over 200 typical id keep it to myself. but i dont think a 180 net draws much attention these days.relatively. and thank you everyone for all the nice comments. I worked hard for this deer and im appreciative i got it.
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