OK like I said before, the name of the game with broadheads is simple
you need a sharp head that hits vitals
any one that does this will kill!
its impossible IMO to compare results
as too many variable
s involved
like bow speed, arrow weight, draw weight, distance to kill, angle
HOW sharp person's blades really are(as many folks target shoot with bread heads and DON"T corrrectly re sharpen!)
so?? again, any results you see will be bias at best!

I have hunted and killed deer with a bow for over 30 yrs
used all sorts of heads as others surely have
it all comes down to placement and what gets hit/cut

that said here are two rage kills
one is a 3 blade rage, and other is a two blade rage head!
but deer shot a few days apart out of same stand!

one was shot at 15 yards(pass thru), second was shot at 30 yrds again a pass thru
one with an X bow, one with a compound bow!

BOTH deer were shot in the lungs, both ran over 350 yards, both had POOR blood trails
Body cavity on both was full, and on the one, fat plugged up the exit hole on the exit side, thus didn't help on blood trail!
Both deer died in a stream too, and got lucky water wasn't too high to float them away
as one, we waited 2 hrs to track, and second one, 30 minutes!

here is the two blade rage entry

sorry no exit pic on this deer!

and the 3 blade entry,

and exit

SO based on these two deer, almost zero blood trails, and 350-500 yrds of running! rage heads would be what???

I have killed deer with them that went less than 50 yrs, same heads

and hit deer with Rage heads that looked like perfect hits and still never found them

same results I have had with other brand name heads I have used over the past 30+ yrs
so many variables come into play IMO
from condition of the animal, , angle of shot, bow /arrow set up, How Accurate the shot really was and not just looked!
how far, or close! how well the tracker is?
easy to have anyone of these things go wrong and loose a deer!

I am NOT bashing rage heads, heck, If I ever bow hunt again, odds are they will be my go to head!

just saying
NO head is magic
all comes down to hitting vitals and being able to track till the deer expires!