Good job Mike. I just watched part one that I DVR'd. I am picky about the shows that I watch like a lot of others here but I have to say that episode was well done. Some of those shows (and sponsors) feel that a huge buck has to be killed or it's not worth having on TV which unfortunately breeds a lot of bending of the rules or hunting on game farms. I personally don't mind seeing shows of guys not getting anything or missing or even making a less than perfect shot. That's real hunting, hunting most real hunters can relate to.

Nice buck. Was that on a property you own or lease? Looked like a nice open power line food plot. Self filming is very difficult and the guys who have never tried it have no idea just how hard it is. If you are ever in a pinch and need a camera man, give me a holler and I'll run a camera for you. Or come up north to my place and we can lay down some footage.