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Thread: some bear pic's

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    some bear pic's

    OK here are a few more backyard pic's from the past few days, I'll start off with some dirty pic's first for you questionable folks! LOL

    here are some bear titty pic's ! LOL

    sorry if this is not site friendly?? but??
    its just mother naure at work so??

    but this bear started out with 4 cubs, then about a month ago, she lost one, but the remaining 3 are working her over pretty good, always wanting to nurse still, and they eat everything too , or all I can see when there here, raiding my bird feeders, MOMA bear is a pro at knocking them down, and even sucking my humming bird feeders dry without breaking them LOL

    and then a bunch of bear pic's of them coming and going looking for bird seeds that mom can shake from the feeders!

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    Those are great mrbb!! Heck with it set up down there I'm surprised you didn't have a pic or two with the camera being carried off LOL!
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