-Portable and long lasting
-18 vivid target zones
-Backed with self-healing foam
-Stops field points, broadheads, even expandable blades

The long-lasting, easily portable archery target that's ideal for not only the back yard, but for club shoots and even deer camp too. With 18 vivid target zones backed by authentic Rinehart self-healing foam, this octodecagonical target can take the abuse of field points, broadheads, even expandable blades and still present a clean aiming point every time.

To enter, you have to be a member and guess the "net" score of this buck. One entry per member and can not duplicate another members guess. Please use 1/8 increments! Any duplicate guesses will result in the first members guess counting if closest to actual score of the deer and the second disregarded. Please take the time to look at all guesses. This is a clean 9pt. Winner will be drawn June 30 and be notified thru pm. Again, this a net score!
Thanks and guess away!