I posted thread last fall reference plots. The 2 acre of Power PLant bombed from spring planting, we overseaded with co-op clover and came up great. Did several acres of big n beasty frigid forage, came up great. Also planted Biologic Maximum close to it and deer ate frigid forage over maximum. Tecomate monster mix was ate to ground, spring green up is excellent this year. Additionally planted Real World clover/chic 1 acre. It was marginal at best as a fall planting but blown up this spring. I was stuck in Arizona last fall so didn't get to hunt home but will be there this year. Based on establishing clover already we are throwing in a few acres of big n beasty. Note there was also 9 acres standing corn all season, hoping the local farmer doesn't was to replant tis year.

On my folks 70 acre hardwood farm I will be putting in 1 acre big n beasty with winter wheat. Anyone ever throw in clover with brassica/wheat blend???? I picked up acre if imperial but not sure if should mix in, any ideas?