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Thread: couple more bear pic's

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    couple more bear pic's

    OK here are a few more pic's, once this corn on the ground is gone, I won't be adding any more, don't
    want them thinking I am a food source, want them to eat naturally
    BUT so far this yr I have seen 9 different bears in my backyard this yr.

    this is a different female, only has one cub, but there all cute when there so small!

    the female with the 4 cubs

    and you can see her tit here , as the 4 cubs have been working on them over time I gather!, poor girl LOL

    next is a bigger Male bear, and his current girlfriend, he tried mounting her several times, but she just wouldn't let him have any, either hit /bite/or sat on her butt to stop him LOL
    put quite a show on him trying, from being nice to her, rubbing all over her, to just being BIG and trying to force himself on her, he is at least twice the size of her, he is a solid 300-350 lb male and she is maybe 200 lbs or so

    the bigger male

    he is trying to mount her in this pic

    getting shot down in this pic LOL

    trying to look nice, after getting shot down a few times! LOL

    and in this pic if you look at the size of there front feet, you can really see the size difference between them
    the male has a HUGE frame, to fill in, IF he makes it, he will be a BIG 500+ lb bear some day, right now he is a very close to a 7 ft bear, but young yet and thin for his frame, between coming out of hibernation and then now mating season I am sure he lost maybe 60-80 lbs since last yr
    but by winter this yr, I will guess he will be well over 400 lbs
    they eat about 20,000+ calories a day, so at that rate weight goes on fast, plus wth so many neighbors that feed them and all the food plots and farms in the valley, he has no shortage of meals to gain weight

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    You and your bears you sure do have a few of them up your way.
    I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me. ~ Ted Nugent

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    Yep, the front feet was the first thing the outfitter told us about and to look for when judging if it was a boar or sow. Great pics mrbb.
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    Big Holla
    bears are super tricky to really have any thing on them to say makes a female or a male
    I have a TON of up close and personal experience with bears, I have seen females that were over 500 lbs and I have seen females that were just 150 lbs yet had HUGE feet, same liek many say, the head, big head small ears, means big bear, and I again have seen a ton of BIG bears with small heads and BIG bears with BIG heads
    I am very lucky to live where I do, PA< PA on average has the heaviest bears in the world(due to a ton of easy food, from so many folks that feed them, to the mix of hard woods and ag, and then all the neighborhoods they raid trash on a weekly basis
    that means we have a LOT of above average weights, BUT we don't normally have the biggest skulls, we just have obeast bears I guess, that gain weights at even young ages
    the biggest bear I had here last yr was a female, she was well over 500 lbs, and had short legs, but big feet, and a huge head
    she was very adjusted to humans, and she wouldn't walk up to folks, but she didn't have a huge fear of people either, cannot tell you how many times last yr I was in my yard, sitting on my deck and she would walk around sucking up seeds the birds shook from the feeders(I hang them HIGH so the bears cannot reach them)
    and she had not a care I was there, I even had a bear last yr come up on me, I didn't see it, I was taking a nap on my dect, and it licked my feet, waking me LOL
    and that was a Bigger Male, maybe in the 400 lb class
    from 30+ yrs of being about bears, and I don't just mean hunting and or seeing them, BUt actually being part of trapping/tagging/and a ton of folks that hand fed them(I have hand fed about 100+ bears over the yrs at friends house's)
    so All I can tell you is, the best way to tell a big bear from a small bear is when they stand next to someing you know the size of, like a 55 gallon drum, and that is why so many outfitters use them, they hold food /bait sure, but they give you something to compare a BIG bear to a small bear
    as 90% of hunters, even many experienced hunters have a VERY hard time to tell a big bear from a mediun, and a medium from a smaller one
    there super tricky
    the more time you have with them, the better you can get, BUT even I, cannot always tell, till they are next to something I know the size of
    the difference between say a 150 lb and a 200, or a 250 lb bear is very slight to the human eye to tell
    right not I have a huge framed male, he stands over 7 ft to the nose standing up, he has huge feet LONG tall legs, and his back bone/spine is extremely tall, but he is thin, he is young, has otential to be a monster 700 ;b class bear(if he lives)
    but right bnow he is maybe 350-375 lbs
    and I would bet a huge chunk of cash. most folks if they seen him would say he is well over 500 lbs, do to some of the things he was, that folks tend to judge by
    the thin part is hard to see at most angles, but he is very thin, just a huge frame, waiting to fill in
    a few yrs back, a close friend of mine was feeding 43 different bears, some days there was 43 bears in his yard at one time
    was crazy, and most had names and most would let you pet them if you came about enough to get used to your scent
    his land was surrounded by a big hunting club, and the rest was all public hunting lands, like 30,000+ acre's in all
    and it was an area, thatseldom had any bear kills LOL
    think they all stayed on his side of the fence
    for over 40 yrs he fed bears(I don't recommend any one feed bears either)
    but he did, and in all that time, never had a bad experience with a bear
    I can tell you stories of things he did with bears few would believe, me too if I hadn't seen them with my own eye's
    but I was a friend with a lot of BIG time bear people, from Gary Alt(world formost bear biologist, he actually wanted to make a movie about my buddies bears)
    to tons of folks that worked with bears or fed them
    and then I live in a VERY bear rich area
    yr round I see a bears a few times a week, till it gets cold enough to get them to den up, and some times that is only a few weeks out of the yr, bears do NOT truely hibernate like other animals!
    sorry about the long post
    I just have a sweet spot for bears I guess, I'm not againts hunting them(though I don't any more)
    they actually need to be hunted to keep them in check and wild!
    and I know most folks don't have the info,or chances to see/learn about bears as I have
    so just willing to share if I can
    as I do know a ton about them!
    don't fear bears, just respect them
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    here is a couple more bear pic's since you's seem to like them

    this was a BIG female from last yr
    as you can see she has some BIG front feet

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    here is a couple more bear pic's
    hope you's seem to like them

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    That's awesome

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