Untitled Document From Anteaters to Zebras and Everything in Between...

An event like no other with Some competition, and 100 outrageous, silly, and down right scary targets!

At the R100 you can shoot either 100 targets over two days or 50 targets in only one day. You don't even have to score the targets and you still have a chance at winning our door prizes. All Prizes are distributed by drawing on Sunday at 2:30pm. Prizes total over $6,000 at each event and ANYONE CAN WIN!

Event Schedule
Pre-registration ends Wednesday before shoot at 8PM EST.
7:30 AM Registration Opens
1:00 PM Registration Closes
3:00 PM Milk Jug Shoot
4:00 PM Darton Steel Challenge
5:00 PM Range Closes
7:30 AM Registration Opens
10:30 AM Registration Closes
2:00 PM Range Closes
2:15 PM Last Chance to Claim Door Prizes That Were Drawn on Saturday
2:30 PM Scores Due In
2:45 PM GoldTip Iron Buck
3:15 PM Bow Giveaway & Award Presentation
Competition Classes

  • Open Unlimited
  • Hunter Men’s
  • Hunter Women’s
  • Traditional Men’s
  • Traditional Women’s
  • Youth 11-14
  • Cub (10 & Under)
  • R100 Pins
    Awarded for Scores Over 1000 Points!
    Handicap for All Classes.
    (Except Open Unlimited)

    Darton Steel Challenge
    1st Prize
    – Darton Bow

  • 10 Targets in Hunting Situations
  • 10 Pieces of Steel Between You and the Target
  • 2 Arrows Per Person. If Your Arrows are Destroyed, Your Score Freezes
  • Flighted Teams
  • Entry Included with Admission
  • More Info go to http://www.r100.org/