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Thread: first shed of 2014

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    first shed of 2014

    well since I have had 2+ ft of snow since the new yr, my shed hunting has been very limited to say the least, plus been very busy, not haiving time to even go look if I wanted, BUT was checking camera's on the 6th of Feb9sorry late getting thsi here)
    it was laying on top of the snow that fell that night, so 99% sure it fell off a few hrs before I found it
    sadly, found the small side
    but here is the shed and a few pci's of the buck with it on
    had really hoped the left side was going to make it thru, but as soon as velvet came off , he broke the rest off, looked but never found it
    I also back tracked and tracked this bucks fress tracks in the snow about 400 yrds each direction, all the time I had, or would have liked to do more, but then it snowed another ft afterwards so??
    till spring time, and snow melts, shed hunting is off for me!

    and then in velvet
    have about 2,000 pic's of this buck, and seen him all the time in hunting season, hope he grows a freaky rack again this yr too!

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    That would have been a cool deer to shoot if he wouldn't have broke that one side. Cool find tho.

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