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Building a pond...

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Thread: Building a pond...

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    Building a pond...

    Hopefully I'll be digging, or getting my pond dug, this summer. Probably be looking at a 1-2 acre pond, nothing big just for some home fishin. Plan to stock it with especially catfish and bass. Any pointers on how to design it? Things I should or shouldn't have in it?
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    Rock piles and if your going to put in a dock do it when you build it otherwise it is a pain or you will want to get floating dock not sure where your located but there is a place in charm ohio called fenders fish hatchery they deliver and are good on pricing and very knowledgeable

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    as far as fish, I put in flathead minnows first. they breed fast and are still in there after 7 years. then i put in bass channel cat bluegill and hybread bluegill. the pond is well stocked to this day. every year i have to add alge control. my biggest problem is catails.

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    OK now I live in PA, and here, building a pond, is a royal paperwork deal,
    have to build a plan, have it approved by the state, and then get a list of permits, and then, have it built in a said time frame, and then you have to have a plan in effect for any ruptures, permits to add fish and so on
    last summer had a pond at the farm rupture from a sink hole, and WOW what a can of worms that opened
    DEP , Fish commision, Soil conservation, and a few other depts all got involved, and its still going on, month later now
    and all that was done was a few truck loads of stones were added to fix the hole that opened up

    so I strongly suggest before you build one, find out the legal matters, as fines with water can be in the six digits range and add up fast!

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