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Thread: Is There a Nationwide Deer Shortage?

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    Seems like the last couple weeks deer have been coming out of the ground or something. They are everywhere.

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    Up same thing, I say its due to a long winter, and there trying to find better foods
    about hi ways, they also come for the mineral salt, used on hi ways for ice
    it sticks to browse along road ways, and many times road ways green up first too, due to being cleared of snow before woods and/
    Lots of road kills up here last few weeks now

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    yep, I pulled my trail cam today. Many more deer on it than last month.... lets hope it will be good this fall

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    Y'all come to Alabama if y'all want to shoot numerous deer. We can shoot 2 deer a day, yes I typed that right, from Oct.15 until Jan. 31. 3 can be bucks.

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    What the hell

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