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Summit Treestand Pic

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Thread: Summit Treestand Pic

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    Summit Treestand Pic

    If you go to summittreestands.com there is a guy standing up at full draw. Can someone tell me what stand that is. Called Summit and they said its an old picture and they don't remember the name of it. Really. I like it because the seat looks like it is attached to the platform part of the climber and the top section is just to help climb and then you can get it out of the way. Thanks

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    I cant figure out which stand that but any of there climbers work well for archery hunting. I use an equivalent to the viper sd except it is like 10 years old. It has the railing and everything. It really hasn't gotten in the way archery hunting. But any of there climbers will work well for you.
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    I had one a little old than this one the climber part is the same but it did not have the cables that went around the tree like this one and the new ones. It had a metal bar that you had to take nuts off to adjust for the tree size. It was a summit 4 tree stand I think.

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