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    New To Site

    Username: WilsonCreek
    County:N/A, Pennsylvania
    Years Bowhunting:19
    Public or Private Land:Private
    Own Land (Y/N):Yes, but also hunt friend and neighbor property
    Type of bow:Bowtech Destroyer 350, Bowtech Liberty VFT
    Other Bow Accessories: (destroyer) Apex, QAD, Fuse, Goldtip, Octane, Rage
    (liberty) Apex, Trophy Ridge, Doinker, Goldtip, Ramcat
    3D Shooter(Y/N):yes
    If yes, name of club:None
    Gunhunter (Y/N):Yes but recently only to mentour
    Predator Hunter (Y/N):no, but will shoot any coyote when given the shot
    Turkey Hunter (Y/N): sometimes
    How You Found BO.com:Happened across it when searching for ohio hunting
    Other Information You Wish To Share: N/A
    Any Information You Need: Me and 2 friends are currently planning hunting archery in Ohio for fall 2014. we have no idea where to hunt we are going to hunt public land and was looking around the Zanesville area Possibly Dillon Wildlife area, Woodbury or Wolfcreek. we know Ohio does not have a huge buck behind every tree like some people may think but we just want to be able to see deer while on stand, what areas have the higher deer numbers and where do some of you suggest for hunting ohio.

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    Welcome to the site!!!
    Enjoy your hunt- the long sit......... the cold.......the rain and snow......the peace and quiet, it may just be your last hunt........... you never know.

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    northeast PA
    Well welcome to the site
    as for a place to hunt, all over SE ohio, holds some great bucks and places to hunt
    its hard to say try here or there on an open forum, as if we did that, so many folks would show up there, that spot wouldn't be good long
    best advice is, look real good on Google earth at some spots
    then make a scouting trip, and go to as many places as you can
    and then plan hunt about what places you like best, scouting in march is good, as you can double up and look for sheds
    or in mid summer, and then you can see what crops are plant and where
    or can come in May and add a spring turkey hunt into the mix, and look for sheds too
    but odds are you won't know about crops or food plots till summer
    nothing beat actually scouting, and it always worth the drive and time in the long run
    good luck

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    Welcome to the site, and I second mrbb's advise. I'm from out of state also and started hunting Ohio 4 yrs ago. Theres definately a learning curve when it comes to pubic land. But you won't be disappointed. With some time on google, some time on the odnr web site, you will be able to get maps, an plan your scouting. Its not easy but with lots of sweat, and boots on the ground you will be fine, and have a good time. And your right, there's not a big buck behind every tree, but there are there. Good luck to you and your hunting partner.
    what goes around, comes around. (I sure do hope so)!!

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