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Thread: Ohio Hunters Harvest more than 75,000 Deer during Weeklong Gun Season

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    Ohio Hunters Harvest more than 75,000 Deer during Weeklong Gun Season

    COLUMBUS, OH Ohio hunters checked 75,408 white-tailed deer during the weeklong gun hunting season, Dec. 2-8, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).More...


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    well looks like according to the state the deer kill was a close cal to last yrs kills, saying off by just 5 %, wonder if tht's the 5 % that didn't report there kills LOL

    then again maybe that number should be higher!
    overall seems like the deer kill as stayed the same in Ohio this yr, so some hunters must be doing better than others, or the one's on this site I gather??
    also, seem according to this, that more deer are killed with archery, than gun season, so I gather more bow hunters and having more days to kill adds up, and acrhery has another 40+ days left

    here in PA, our bow hunters kill about a 1/3 the deer of gun season hunters, (or used to, haven't seen any recent results)
    guess if we had a longer archery season that would change, and or a shorther gun season, but I do think 80% of our gun kills come in the first week, last few yrs for sure, as come this week, here you see seldom hunters out, maybe Saturday there will be a rush, but mid week its empty

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