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Mr midnight?

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Thread: Mr midnight?

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    Mr midnight?

    Ok so i'm in a bit of a bind here, well to start in my honey hole my cameras are drying up as far as big bucks, went from getting 35-40 pics a week to a handful of bucks a week. Still getting some does and smaller bucks. But anyways...I have a nice buck coming in and hitting a scrape every other night or so but I am only getting pics of him at midnight-2 in the morning. How do I get hum to start moving in shooting light?

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    that's a million dollar question right there, and one we all wish we had an answer for
    I don't really think there is anythig you can do
    minus maybe bumping him out of his bed and then trying to get him coming back to it
    you can try putting out food,on a timer, to condition him to come sooner to get some
    but big bucks tend to live long by being smart, and know the tricks
    having folks do a slow drive can work too
    but a buck that is ona routine to move at night, many claim are un killable due to they tend not to move off what has kept them alive so long
    if food is there 24/7, they can eat when they feel safest, and most mature deer seem to find dark hrs the safest, cause they are
    if you know where he is bedding its a huge help
    maybe a decoy , if it can be set up so he see's it at frist light??
    but other wise, back track closert o the bedding area, bump him out of it and try to get him coming back
    or have a buddy try to drive him to you, them 3 are best bests!
    good luck

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    hang a scrape dripper, one of the ones that only drips during the day, he will be able to tell that this is happening during the day and might make an appearance to see who or what it is.

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