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Late season hunting

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Thread: Late season hunting

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    Late season hunting

    Just wondering how the late season (after Jan. 1st) usually is in Ohio. I pretty much hunted in Georgia my whole life and after about the 2nd week of December deer sighting really drop off. But I know each state has a little different movement patterns also. Thanks

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    Late season is good. After the rut is over the deer start to go back to there normal feeding patterns and start to become somewhat predicable again.
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    just seen a good size probably 9-10 pointer walking threw the farm lands along the woods next to my house , sadly i cant get permission to hunt that land yet :(

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    late season has many pro's as well as con's
    typically its copld and deer are more predictable, as they need to eat to stay warm, so find food, you find deer
    weather is more pridictable too, no sudden warm spells to make deer move at night
    I think its easier to control scent in cold too

    right off, there is a much smaller amount of bucks left , more have rack damage from the rut, there bodies are smaller, due to loosing weight again with the rut, many have even shed there antlers, and any kill at this point can be a had antler when shot and be off as they run away and or when you grab them
    its colder, many folks cannot sit still in cold temps, much of the crops ar all but dreams from more than a month or more ago
    deer are many time more on edge, due to all the folks been trying to kill them for weeks or months
    deer tend to be in more groups(can be a pro too) thus that means mroe eyes and nose's to beat
    BUT me I like my late season hunts, killed a 140 here in PA, in second week of JAn with the bow, last week of our deer season
    late season is the best time to hunt food if you have it,
    I think, temps make mroe deer show up in shooting hrs including big bucks where as warmer seasons, deer don't have that major need for heat
    now if its a very warm winter?? then??? rules change and its again, a lower odds of a big buck showing upin shooting light deal, due to again, all that hunting pressure from weeks/months of being hunted! they can afford to eat later as don't need the fuel/heat of food as much as in cold temps

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