ok this is an old REO sped wagon truck, a friend has they are looking to sell,
there in there 90's, and asked me to try to help them sell it, so here I am
they bought it new, Sorry, forget the yr, either a 1939 or I think 1941
it has been garage kept since new, but used as a shelf for last many yrs, has only original 28,000 mile on it, and it ran when parked yrs ago, say late 70's or so, maybe 60's
it has no holes or major rust, no dents I can see, and all lghts markers windows are all 100% crack free, all name badges are on the truck too
its a pretty big truck, say maybe a 5 1/2 ton duel wheel deal, other wise I know very little about them, seen a few fixed up on line asking in the 20k + range

they are looking to sell it, I Know they turned down an offer for 7 grand, a few months ago, from a guy that has several Reo's, and seemed like he was low balling them thinking cause there old he could take them , but don't know its real value,
I think a little over that 7 and they would sell
so if anyone has any interest or can pass this on , appreciate the help, there very nice old people

the frame

currently being used as a big shelf, for the flat bed