well, been almost impossibl;e for me to get on this site lately, sems to have a lot of site issue's??
But was out tonight 11/9/13, , was in the low 40's heavy winds, and I had a ton of folks just off property riding ATv's and well trespassing on the leands next to me, since there posted against atv's and hunting, seem 5 guys hunting there too, , they were doing dam deer drive's
in Bow season???
on stand at 2;30 pm, didn't see a deer till about dark, 4 bucks in one group, a 4-a5a6 and a 120 inch 8 pointer
and one yearlying deer maybe 50 lbs with them
no real rut action or signs of it yet
also seen two red foxes, at about 5 yrds from my tree, looking to try to catch a tree rat!, failed bad LOl

was 35 degree's when I came out
no hunting tomorrow here No Sunday hunting here in PA
so will try again on Monday
supposed to get colder at night all next week, in the teens and 20's, but upper 40's and even close to 50's
so will see' last week of archery up here too!