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2013/2014 Daily Hunting Report, Deer Activity, Season Information & Rut Report HERE! - Page 4

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Thread: 2013/2014 Daily Hunting Report, Deer Activity, Season Information & Rut Report HERE!

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    been doing quite a bit of reading on various sites about current deer activity and the impending rut. Seems the October lull is in full swing.. fresh buck sign is starting to pop up, with the occasional young buck chasing a doe. The cold front next week could very well get the ball rolling.

    I have enjoyed reading the Charles Altzheimer rut predictions (related to moon phase), but am wondering if he is going to be off the mark this year with his prediction. What do you guys think, based on your observations of sign, deer movement, etc..

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    Im curious too! A friend that we go to church with had a pic on his camera of a buck mounting a doe! Makes me curious if she was "in" or he was just hoping she was? I can't believe she actually would let him get that close to her!


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    well, after a week of the site being on "Lock down", what is everyone seeing? The reports I am getting are suggesting that now is the time to be in the woods...and that it will continue to get better the next two plus weeks. Any thoughts?

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    Been out a couple times since the site has been down. Haven't seen a lot around here,a few does and a small buck. The last 2 Weeks on my game cam has been unreal, buck after buck after buck. Switched out my card today and have more bucks. Found about 6 scrapes in a 50 yard stretch. Unfortunately most of the movement had been at night but what i'm hearing is Nov 9 is going to be the week. I will be posting some pics on the trail cam thread. Also I have been seeing quite a bit of does out in the fields on my way to work the last 2 Weeks. So they are definitely starting to move a lot better.

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    well since the site was down, I have hunted every day, , but going to give a every day info now
    will start with tonights sit 10/30/2013 evening sit
    well its still HOT 64 degree's going in , got on stand at 4 pm, and was trying my best not to sweat sitting in the sun, almost zero wind too!
    first deer came out in the cut corn field(cut last Saturday) at 4;45 pm, a doe and yearlying 250+ yrds away from me
    next deer came out even farther two BIG doe being followed by a ncie buck, a 8 pointer in the 120's I will guess, came from about 500 yrds right to me like on a string at about 6 pm, and had this buck at 20 yrds for about 15 minutes eating beans, and following the doe about every where they went
    he never chased them or tried anything, but he was for sure following there every move
    next had a small 7 pointer and then a few more doe's yearlying and then a few small 3-4-5 pointers all in all about 15 deer, most fed to within range, but still holding out for a biiger buck I been seeing
    here is a pic of the buck I passed on tonight

    and then the one I am holding out for!

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    well i havent been out since last friday and only saw 3 deer maybe this week will be better if work slows down

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    ok evening sit, warm, 66 degree's, on stand by 3 pm, seen first deer, two doe, at 5 pm, then a small 4 ptr, then a small doe and two smaller yearlyings
    then a nice 120 class 8 pointer,passed on him
    slow nite

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    Sat 11/02, am sit 5:30 - 12:00, 2 Bucks, small five that beds in that area and 2 yr old 10pt who's just outside his ears. No new scrapes or rubs to speak of. Sun 11/03, pm sit 2:30 -6:00, one doe.... Slow weekend considering this time of year. Standing corn near area I believe is contributing to lack of sightings. My son watched two small bucks on Sun in same field with several does and didn't see any signs they were near esterous. No chasing or bothering, just eating.
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    Lots of action this morning. Southwestern Ohio buddy and I saw 4 bucks and several does. Bucks were clearly following does, but not yet in full rut or chasing activity - but I'll bet it comes with the cold later this week!

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    Yea the last couple of days I have seen some of the smaller bucks following does but no big ones until this morning. At about 730am I had a 10pt or more (150+ inch) run by me at about 15 yds. He never stopped. I grunted and he just kept running right by me and couldn't get any shoot. I Was upset but I guess it's good to know he's in the area and running in daylight. Hopefully he shows his face again. Rut should be getting in full swing very soon.
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