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2013-2014 deer check in and pic's

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Thread: 2013-2014 deer check in and pic's

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    2013-2014 deer check in and pic's

    OK starting a post here just for picures and stories of kills in 2013-2014 deer season
    lets try to keep track of kills by folks on this site
    and tally the total up at season ends
    and lets not keep it to just ohio deer,
    if your a memeber here and hunt deer, I say they count

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    Things came together for me quite well yesterday evening. I walked back into my stand at about 3:45, it was still hot but I was anxious to just be in the tree. On the way in I stood in awe how much the trees had been shredded. At 7:02 pm a momma and her two yearlings came in and hung out for just a few minutes before running out. I thought to myself "damn there's no way they saw me.. and it couldn't have been a scent issue.." I looked over my left shoulder slowly and I seen a white rack coming directly where the does had stopped briefly. He was a familiar deer I had been seeing on my trail cam I called Split Brow. He stopped at about 17 yards, I slung an arrow and put a great shot on him! Couldn't have been happier (although he did rub one of his split brows off in the past week or so). The meat is already in the freezer and the rack is in the boiling pot as we speak!
    Cant believe how fast it all happened, last year it took me till Jan 21st. Now I'm left with a odd feeling as the season just started... On to fill up the rest of the family's freezers with some juicy does!

    Good Luck to everyone out there!

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    congrats on your buck nice one for sure but that looks like the one hortontotor is after lol. are doing a skull mount
    ******* man's only natural predator is man himself *********** poet's name buckstalker17 !!!! And to think my highschool teacher told me sitting on my tail all day would get me nothing in life .


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    Thanks Buckstalker! Haven't seen any of his photos but would surely be interested if you had a link. Going to do a full bleached skull mount. I'll have some pictures once it's finished!

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    hey in the stand2012 what county did you kill him in? just curious I have one that looks a lot like him on cam!

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    Congrats!!!!! Very nice Buck!!!!!

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    Hoopie, took him out of a Medina County. Thanks guys!

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    nice deer! I just posted a thread with my split brow on it. I saw him tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by In The Stand2012 View Post
    Hoopie, took him out of a Medina County. Thanks guys!
    Nice deer.....where in Medina county....don't need GPS lol...just a general area....I hunt in Chatham township/Litchfield
    Enjoy your hunt- the long sit......... the cold.......the rain and snow......the peace and quiet, it may just be your last hunt........... you never know.

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    Stonegod, Im hunting outta Hinckley mostly. Ill check your guy out Hoopie!

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