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Thread: Opening day

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    It will be all day for myself. I'll be sitting on a flat with 6 white oaks on it. This is a new location for me so I'm ready to see what's using the area.
    good luck everyone....be safe

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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    I will hunt morning and afternoon. Don't anticpate any shooting though. I'll probably have a couple does in range, but I'm not a meat hunter.
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    would love too but this is the second year in a row that a crazy work schedule will keep me out of the woods for awhile. Good luck to those who make it out!

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    just east of cincy
    i will be out there. hunting one property in the morning from a stand with fair chance to take a mature doe, then hunting another in the afternoon with optimal chance at taking a mature doe from a ground blind

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    Found out today I don't have to work Saturday so I will be out morning and evening. My spot seems to be better in the morning. At least it was last year. Shot a doe minutes in to the season. Not sure what to expect this year. The farm behind my property is growing beans this year instead of corn. So we will see how it goes. Goo luck everyone and be safe.

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    Home in PA-farm in OH
    Opening day, first time hunting my new farm, I can't wait. The majority of the deer I have killed over 27 years of hunting have been evening kills but that won't keep me out of the stand in the morning. I have a lot to learn about this new farm so every sit will be at least a learning experience on how the deer are using this property. Thousands of acres of corn and soybeans throughout my land and all the neighbors and loaded camera cards so I expect to have some fun no matter what.


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    Beautiful Morning in NE Ohio couldn't ask for a better opening day. Wish they were all like this one. Good Luck and be safe.

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