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Sticks or free hand?

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Thread: Sticks or free hand?

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    Sticks or free hand?

    Just wondering how many of my fellow xbowmen prefer shooting free hand as opposed to using a pod/rest or sticks? I tend to shoot free hand unless I'm zeroing in my scope....then I use the tripod.
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    when i was younger i would use a rest but i don't know if you guys remember the old pse x fire cross bows they where a bit heavy and i had to buy my own bow so i got what i got but i then moved to a horton hunter and shot free handed most of the time

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    well I have done both
    most of my main tree stands now have shooting rails I use as a rest, , some came with them, some I had to make out of PVC pipe, I also use the rails as a way to place camo all around me too, to help me blend in best I can, and help hide movements
    cross bow are big and bulky if you ask me
    and in a ground blind I tend to you my knee's, but have used a tri pod too, but not a major need to me for one
    other wise I am free handing shots( haven't had to free hand a shot in a few yrs however)
    but if I have a way to use a rest of any sort, I am, or kneeling if possible too
    free hand shooting leads to misses more than with a rest, so I prefer to take all the help I can get when its time to shoot
    as for sighting in, I sight in off sand bogs just like I do with my rifles, off a bench, rock solid that way

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    I always shoot off of a rest. I sight in sitting down with a boat cushion on top of a tall water container. This very much simulates shooting from my permanant stands.
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