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    Heck my wife dont mind a bit ......never been maried lol . Now co.e end oct n the three wks of Nov my kids start to mind n then i have to pick the best days of the wk to b ina tree n save a few days for them they wait at door when i arive home to see if i have killed that nite or not my oldest is still undecided she wants to hunt one day then next day we head to get her a lic n she says dad idk if i wanna hunt can i go n just watch i have to smile n say its ok maybe next yr time will tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by hortontoter View Post
    I guess I found a good one, my wife never complains about my hunting. Her theory is that I could be somewhere in a bar chasing the ladies or somthing along those lines.

    If I need equipment, it is never an issue. Again, she feels I could be blowing the money on somthing worse.

    She is as anxious to see the trail camera photos when I pull the cards as I am. Funny thing is she doesn't hunt. But, she will go to our cabin, which has no running water and a Porta-Jon, and spend the entire weekend there while I hunt. She likes reading and getting away from it all, so relaxing there works for her.
    You are a lucky man! SHe got a sister?

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    Sorry MJH, no sisters. And I agree I am very lucky, better than hitting the lottery in my opinion.
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    My wife's biggest complaint is "why does deer hunting have to be so expensive." Like her shopping isn't expensive.

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    most of these are good...my wife is awesome when it comes to hunting...never a complaint when i go everyday in pa, then road trips to ohio, ny and vt and buying 'stuff'...but probably the most used one is when i spend a ton of time and money on food plots..."oh gotta feed the deer again!"
    Will hunt for food...will work for beer.
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    My wife doesn't complain much. Amazing how understanding she is. Over the years I've gotten into just about everything involving hunting, including making a career out of it for a few years and buying two farms specifically just for deer hunting. She's been patient through it all. I try to be the best husband and father in return and not take advantage of their generosity and it seems to have worked for the last 15 years. She does enjoy joking and ribbing me about it on a regular basis though.


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    I have to say I'm pretty lucky. My wife and I eat every bit of the deer I get so she doesn't mind it too much. If I have to pick one thing she complains about is just making sure I my tree harnesses are still good and not worn out. I guess that's the one thing she tell me to buy new every year!
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