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Same area, different buck. Can't say that I'm disappointed..

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Thread: Same area, different buck. Can't say that I'm disappointed..

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    Same area, different buck. Can't say that I'm disappointed..

    Last year I posted a picture of a monster that I hunted all last year which I never killed however did encounter on a few occasions. I just couldn't get an ethical shot on him. (picture below) So I went back to my spot where I've hunted growing up and hung up my game cameras hoping to see him again. After waiting about 10 days, I went back to retrieve my photos and can't say that I was too disappointed. I didn't catch a glimpse of the monster from last year , jeez how I hope he is still alive.. However I do have a good looking 9 that has been showing up each day late afternoon. If I can only keep him around for another month! Last year, the monster vacated the area a week prior to bow season and didn't see him again until mid October. My plan is to put corn out every 2 weeks while checking my cameras. I've had people tell me to GET OUT until the season is here... What are your thoughts?
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    Well I think it depends on how your hunting area is. If it's easy to get to without making to many distibances then I'd say your ok. Or if the deer are more "used" to people being in the area. Shouldn't hurt to much if your bringing food. But hard to tell what a big buck will do. Very nice pics. It'd be hard to pass on the 9pt if you havnt seen the monster yet.
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    I would have to agree, if you can get in and get out without the deer knowing that you're there then I think that you should be ok. I would definitely make sure to use some cover scent or something and try to go in completely scent free when you do go in. I hope for you, that the monster made it through to this year also, but that 9 is a definite wall hanger and would be very hard to pass up...unless of course you get a glimpse of the big one.

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