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    Quote Originally Posted by 00buck View Post
    i guess i havent noticed as i shoot my arrows like i do when hunting all year round broadhead included
    I noticed because I started using nocturnals after I sighted in with regular nocks. It want until about 35 yards that it became an issue.

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    I sighted mine in using them and shoot 70 yards regularly not that i would try it on a deer

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    I haven't tried them on my newest setup and as i mentioned that was when they first came out. It might not be so much in the weight as in just different nocks. Sometimes when you get an arrow with bad flight you can just change the nock and it corrects the flight. Lighted nocks are a nice idea, just not for me i guess. But what i'd like to reiterate is please shoot your broadheads on all of your arrows you plan to hunt with. It might be a pain but when you've been practicing and sitting in a treestand for 37 years and finally get that shot on a buck of a lifetime i sure hope it doesn't come down to bad arrow flight! Shoot straight.
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