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Rock salt!

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Thread: Rock salt!

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    Rock salt!

    I know a lot of people, and we use to, use salt blocks for attracting deer. But we switched to dumping out a bag of rock salt of the ground and either pouring a gallon of water or letting the rain soak it into the soil. After the salt gets dissolved, the deer go crazy. They eventually eat the soil thats saturated with salt and "dig" a hole. The spot where we put ours, this will be the third year and they have it dug out about a foot deep and 6 feet across. Has anyone else tried this and if so had any luck?

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    I have used it many many yrs ago
    and yes it works, as its still salt
    but you have to be careful, as many of the rock salts I see in stores have things/chemicals added to it to help it keep from re freezing

    and the main rason I switched was simply, pure salt has little help to the deer, where as a mineral block that adds something besides just salt )even if its honestly not much more)that can help the deer more, is more of what I was after
    figure every little bit can only help
    but yes I have used it in the past, just not anymore due to finding better things to use!

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