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Thread: Looking for Coshocton county-area lease or trade

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    Like I said, years ago. I caught the drum on the side of the bridge flowing toward the ocean. It was around Easter, the week of Good Friday. Also had a blast watching my six year old daughter catching Spades by the hundreds. My daughter will be 35 this year.
    I may be opinionated...but, my opinion is the only one that matters anyway.

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    I know of a lease in Muskingum county by zanesville. It's CRAZY EXPENSIVE Let me forewarn you lol 30-40 acres, spot for a camper and hookup for electricity. Drumroll...........$3000 :( I was offered it and turned it down immediately. If you're interested PM me and I'll get you in contact. Also I know of another deal around $2000/person for alot more acres and it's more of a trespassing fee for this outfitters property. However you gotta let him know you're gonna be there 3 days in advance so you're not ruining the hunts for his hunters. I personally wouldn't spend this much with the amount of public available but to each his own. Don't over look public land for sure tho. Ohio has plenty of it and plently of bruisers are walking around on them too.

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    Little too pricey for me, and I'm holding out for someone willing to trade out a few days of great fishing for letting us hunt for a week. I'd think that someone would be willing to let us hunt for a week in trade for some world-class saltwater fishing.

    I'll keep kicking this thread back to the top over the next month or two. fingers crossed.

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