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Thread: Arrow Speed?

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    Arrow Speed?

    Hi everyone!

    Thought I would start a thread regarding arrow speeds.

    It appears that the holy grail of arrow speeds is anything over 400fps. Most bows can't exceed this by more than 20-30fps... from what I've seen.

    So..... I'm curious

    What's the fastest arrow speed on record?

    Why aren't arrow speeds of 500-600fps feasible?

    Your input is appreciated! Thanks!

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    I am sure they can make an arrow go faster, but its doing so in a way that the arrow can be accurate in the hands of a human, as power is increased, the bows get bogger the strings needed and the size and strength of the arrows
    also, as arrows go faster its a lot harder to keep them flying well!
    its also a major issue with shooter form, smaller quirks will be huge issues down range I believe!
    and to be honest, I think major reason is, its not cost productive to make, and well, not needed to hunt with!

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    Along with what mrbb said it's also likely difficult to build the equipment strong enough to withstand all of the force necessary, from arrows to the actual bow/crossbow. Every year it seems they build something faster though so I would never say it will never happen. There are a lot of tinkerer's out there who love to design and some day there may be a break through.
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    Big Holla, I agree....some day there will be a break through! I believe it will be in the way the archery limbs are constructed. Rather than a linear design, the revolutionary new limb will be non-linear. This will allow for increased safety, speed and accuracy like never before.

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