well your compound bow is on the slow side compared to most of todays newer compounds, and there are many x bows that shoot slow too
so you have to compare apples to apples on speeds, as there are compounds that shoot just as fast as the fast x bows
and noise in the x bos making same speeds isn't all that much louder
it I think just seems a lot louder as the sound is closeer to your ears
and I have also had second shots with the bow several times over the yrs
and even had a second shot chance with the x boy, just didn't take, or actually need it
in a perfect world all archery great would be stealth quiet, but all mopving parts make noise when they move, and all stored energy makes noise too
an example, Outdoor life just did a pretty good test with good info
a PSE Dream season, compound bow, @70 lbs , goes 343 fps, makes 83.45 DB of sound going off
and a Ten point Stealth x bow, at 185 lbs draw weight, @ 351.25 Fps(closest on speed they tested) makes 94.35 DB of sound
that's just 10 DB or so more, sure its louder, but look at how much more draw weight and stoed energy in being held in the bow
the speeds are pretty close through
and 10 DB isn't all that loud a dofference to be honest!
so again all things of speed being considered, a x bow and a compund on Paper are pretty close these days
a lot of the sound is just how we hear it, I think more due to the fact the noise is closer to the shooters ears on an x bow