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Bow Tuning - Who Do YOU Trust? - Page 5

View Poll Results: Who do you trust the most with your bow tuning?

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  • Myself - I have learned how to do it and will continue to do it this way!

    3 30.00%
  • My Buddy - He knows what to do and I trust him - Plus he's FREE!

    0 0%
  • Pro-Shop - I only trust my local pro-shop to handle my tuning needs!

    5 50.00%
  • Pro-Shop By Mail - I found THE place to have it done and will send my bow to them!

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  • No One - I just shoot for fun and don't worry about this crazy talk!

    2 20.00%
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Thread: Bow Tuning - Who Do YOU Trust?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hortontoter View Post
    Well the answer depends on the crossbow. When I first got my Horton about nine years ago it had a string that you could replace without messing with the cables and wheels. The string attached to two tear drop shaped metal pieces on the ends of the cables that sat inside the limb span. I bought a string a bit longer and attached it to the metal pieces and then partially cocked my bow. This left slack in the string I needed to replace. I simply removed the old string, put the new one in place and then relaxed the pressure on the limbs and the new string was in place. I would then check my zero. Usually within an inch or two of where the old string hit. A couple quick shots and back to zero.

    A few years ago I had a limb crack while practicing. Horton would no longer sell the limbs I had due to the tear drop piece being an injury hazard. So I had to replace limbs, wheels cable and all. I had the bow fitted with all the new parts and brought it home to check it out. The first shot I completely missed the entire block target at 20 yards. Height was pretty fair, but I shot a good bit to the right of the target. I was actually surprised I had enough adjustment in the scope to get on target. But, it did sight in and I still had some adjustment left on the scope.

    Why this change occured I don't know. But, to answer your question, I would always check my setup to make sure it is on the money. I do this weekly in my backyard during hunting season, just to feel confident.

    I learned a huge lesson about crossbows because of the experience I had losing the best buck I had ever taken a shot at that Halloween evening. The arrow hitting that deer low and to the right at nine yards still haunts me. I can still see him running up that fire road with my bolt waving me goodbye. I have never let anyone cock my crossbow since that shot was taken. When I shot it the next morning and hit nearly 10 inches right and four inches low after my stepson cocked it I was shocked. I was even more shocked that when I used my EZ Winder that I cock the crossbow with when I practice it was dead on. To see that big of a difference at 20 yards was unbelievable. But, it made me a better hunter. I've not missed or lost a deer since.
    Thank you for answering the question and your response is what I knew it would be. We as hunters have a duty to any animal the we hunt a clean kill so to go into the woods with a bow or crossbow that was not set up and properly tuned fitting your shooting style or tuned by you can and most often ends up a wound or a gut shot yea he might die in 2 hours or 12 hours or maybe days later from a infection. A lot of hunters that wound a deer and can't find it say well I must have hit a limb and hit to far back sometimes that may happen but instead of going home to make sure everything is on point they just keep on hunting

    but that is where the ethical shooting comes in if you a clear shooting lane take it if you don't then don't
    HT did the correct thing he knew there was a problem and took the time to find and solve the problem and like he said wounding that deer still bothers him today as should the rest of us. but like mr bb put it we do live in a good enough world
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckstalker17 View Post
    I had made a statement yesterday to someone I though joined the site for the wrong reasons but after today I be leave I joined the wrong site for the rite reasons people don't have to like your choices or opinions but I be leave you should respect them that's not the case but when you answer a question for some one and you get heckled by the someone else or it turns into a argument then I think I maybe helpful to someone on another site so to the friends I've met on here mike f hortontotor Stonegod seeker and Ross I hope you guys have a safe hunting season
    Unless I am missing something it seemed like both of you were trading comments and once that seemed to cool both have made good progress at actually having discussions. I keep saying leave your emotions out of this and actually talk about things and that above is nothing but an emotional response. Like I said, unless I am missing something.

    I can't keep people here who already have made up their minds to leave and are just looking for an excuse to do it. I have put my heart and soul into trying to make this place a better place for people to come and talk bowhunting. I simply cannot understand how grown adults can get so pissed off and threaten to me and the other members to leave simply because someone doesn't see it the same way as them. The goal of this thread was to find equal ground between one side of an argument or another and it has been working from everything I see. I am not the world bowhunter and I am not the know it all tuner of bows which is what this thread was about and why it was created, because there are others out there like me. I look at both sides and see legitimate comments and views from both angles. I also see a lot of knowledge on both sides that is getting flaunted and touted but not much of anything beneficial being shared that someone less knowledgeable like me could actually use.

    I will say it one more time....keep the emotions out of it and try to inform...that is what this forum is all about. With that statement I do take this quitting stuff to heart, especially when I go through my life teaching my children it's better to fight for what you believe in rather than take the easy road and be a quitter.
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
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    Facts are that we are never all going to agree on one thing or another. I've found it best sometimes to just keep some of my thoughts, just that, my thoughts and not type what I'm thinking.

    The idea is not to try to "one up" the other guy. We all have our own ideas on how we do things and can tell others our ideas. If someonme else thinks their idea is better than ours they may post it. Whether we agree with their idea should be neither her nor there, for the most part.

    An example would be the subject of scent control. My theory is to hunt a stand only when the wind is in a certain direction. Others say hunt any wind and use scent control products or smoke up. I think scent control products are a gimmick. I find the smoking up idea a bit humorus, but it may have some merit. But, I'm not going to say the guys that use these ideas are dead wrong, it just isn't my idea of scent control. So to argue over who is right or wrong is a waste of time. In theory we are both right and our techniques work for us.

    My only pet peeve is when someone does somthing that I think is unethical. Then I find it hard to bite my tongue. But, many times I even let that slide any more. That too is a line we may all draw differently.
    I may be opinionated...but, my opinion is the only one that matters anyway.

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    I always find myself in the middle on a lot of things over the years here and in life but I also think that's the best place to be as that is where you learn more. It's also very hard though to have friends that expect you to see things only their way and at the same time try to keep an open mind to hear another's view point. I always want to learn so if someone takes the time to post I at least try to understand where the are coming from and why they feel that way. They may rub some the wrong way and the message may be lost in the discussion but hopefully I can see through all of that and learn from it. Now I am not afraid to call :icon_bs: where :icon_bs: is due but then again I have to remember that being a moderator means (at least to me) that not everyone will see eye to eye and hopefully I can be a means to settle things down and at least keep respect in the forum. If it means giving someone a :chillpill: then so be it.

    Keep an open mind and always look to learn and soon some of the off the wall comments or opinons don't seem to be that crazy or :reddevil: (evil) LOL

    BTW, smoking up does work!! :sifone: :sifone:
    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
    - Thomas Edison

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckstalker17 View Post
    Ok the 2 questions you have asked that I have not answered
    Efficiency loss between the 60lbs bow at peek vs 70lbs bow at peek you had said that it is 10-12 fps so that would be 2.899% decrease in efficiency with both bows at peek
    Mathews says around 20fps so that would be 5.798% decrease in efficiency between 60& 70 at peek. Now if you want to find out what that comes out to in yardage you can take the same 2 bows hold them at what ever angle you want and let them fly that's on you but I would say no more than 25 yrds at the most

    Question 2 why do I shoot paper all the time ( In the winter time I shoot indoor spot league so I use paper to mimic the shoot they alternate from 3 spot to 5 spot so this way I don't have to buy targets and if there is a odd tear I do not change any thing on the bow the paper will so you what you did wrong

    And as far as character I bought a paid for 10 Mathews youth bow for my brothers kids Cub Scout pack so that he could teach them about archery What would that say about my character ?
    Hmm so your taking your tuned bow and learning to shoot consistantly. How is this any different than what a ship and return tuner is doing? I see you have a binary cam bow your shooting. What did you have to do to thr bow to get it it tunes to your specification? The answer to the efficiency question is zero. There is less stored energy in a 60 pound bow than a 70. Tricked you a little

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    Basic stuff I do myself. If I have a problem or need something major I go to Fishermans Warehouse on south side of Columbus. Nice family owned shop
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